Building upon our team’s collective 125 years of experience in trading, brokerage, lending, legal, and finance, we maintain an industry reputation for innovation and leadership in derivatives investment strategies.

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We operate with an emphasis on regulation and risk mitigation. All client collateral is held by regulated, third-party custodians in cold storage.


We provide end-to-end visibility, accountability, and transparency from account setup onward.

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From account opening assistance to active portfolio management, we’re dedicated to providing a world class customer experience.

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Bitcoin Managed Account
Program (MAP)

A Bitcoin Futures Overlay Strategy

Crypto Fund
Investment Opportunity

A Series Fund for Accredited & Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) Investors

Explore Borrowing Opportunities at DrawBridge Lending

Discover Secure & Regulated Methods For Leveraging Digital Assets

Commercial & High Net Worth Individual Loans

DrawBridge provides commercial and individual loans on secured bitcoin held at a qualified custodian. If you qualify and need a loan of $50K to $50M – DrawBridge Lending is the only provider that can facilitate these size loans.

Hybrid Investment

If you qualify, take a 6-month loan secured by bitcoin held at a qualified custodian at an industry low borrowing rate of 1.5% APR. For Accredited & Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) Investors.

Crypto IRA

Unleash Buying Power Through Your Crypto IRA. Monetize your Crypto IRA with a non-recourse loan from DrawBridge Lending. We are the only lender in the marketplace that provides Crypto IRA holders a non-recourse loan.

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