The Bitcoin Managed Account Program produces enhanced yield within a separately managed account structure utilizing an options overlay covered by a futures position. This program offers crypto market exposure in a risk-mitigated fashion featuring short term (1 to 6-month) option overlay strategies.

DBL Digital’s Bitcoin Managed Account Program (MAP) offers a measured way to participate in the crypto market in a risk-mitigated fashion.

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Key Benefits of the Bitcoin MAP Futures Overlay Strategy

Provides exposure to BTC

Produces returns using an options strategy covered by a futures position

Offers a hedge against bitcoin price declines

No variation margin call

No cost to investor other than performance fee

Targets overlay returns at a specific upside call price

The investor retains ownership and price risk of the bitcoin futures, both up and down

All positions cleared at CME Clearing or ICE US Clearing

White glove service with emphasis on risk mitigation and compliance

Bitcoin Managed Account Program (MAP)

A Bitcoin Futures Overlay Strategy

Investment Structure

Separate Managed Account

Investment Type

Individual & Institutional

Targeted Return

4% to 20%+


Investor retains ownership and price risk of bitcoin futures, both up and down

Overlay Strategy & Return Bands

Call Overwrite: High Yield: 20%+
Call Overwrite: Balanced Yield: 12% to 19.99%
Call Overwrite: Conservative Yield: 4% to 11.99%
Collar: Balanced Yield: 12%+
Collar: Conservative Yield: 4% to 11.99%

Low Fee Structure

Performance Only

1 to 6 Month Tenor

Risk Mitigation

White glove
customer service

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