Commercial & High Net Worth Individual Loans

For Accredited & Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) Borrowers

DrawBridge provides commercial and individual loans on secured bitcoin held at a qualified custodian. If you qualify and need a loan of $50K to $50M – DrawBridge Lending is the only provider that can facilitate these size loans.


Downside price protection through qualified counterparties or on regulated exchanges.

No Margin Call

The borrower will NEVER have a margin call.

Sub 3% APR

Borrower interest rates at sub 3% APR.

Short-term tenors

Offered in short-term tenors of 1 to 6 months.

Most importantly, your bitcoin collateral is NEVER RE-HYPOTHECATED; It remains in cold storage for the entire length of the loan, fully transparent to the borrower.

Key Benefits:

DrawBridge is a Trusted Loan Originator
offering structured products that:

  • Provide safety to lenders
  • Provide safety to borrowers
  • Utilize advanced risk management
  • Are fully regulated

Let’s discuss your borrowing options.